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Titles for photography talks  2023 - 2024.

I am now living near Fort William in The Highlands of Scotland but I'm still available to give presentations, distances may be a financial constraint for small clubs but I can stay overnight if you wish. I am still available for Zoom talks which are charged at £65


EMAIL me for enquiries

1) Perpetually in Motion. I believe that landscape photographers have to be in tune with the fourth dimension - the passage of time. This talk illustrates all the forces of nature that create motion and change. This is a two part lecture but works for one evening or I can return at another date for part 2. I include 2 audio visual presentations. 

2) Landscape Photography and Focal lengths. From 14mm - 640mm. A look at the potential of different lenses in landscape photography. To include one audio visual presentation.

3) Altered Realities or Does the Camera Lie? The most frequently asked question I get is..."Do you manipulate your images?" The answer is hard to give because a camera changes reality, or shows us things our eyes don't see, before our images get anywhere near Photoshop. This talks illustrates my thoughts and why I think the camera is such a highly creative tool. 

4) Dancing Lights - a decade of aurora hunting. This talk tackles both the technical and creative side of shooting the northern lights. I include an audio visual presentation showing moving aurora in real time using an animation technique. 

5) Patagonia in Winter. If, like me, you find summer landscape photography in the UK less than inspiring then there is always the option to chase winter and head south. Patagonia is a dream destination with steppes, mountains and glaciers to discover. My talk explores locations and wildlife on the Argentinian side of Patagonia and includes an AVI of the El Chalten region and the mighty Fitz Roy Massif. I provide information that would help any adventurous traveller to consider a self-guided trip. Winter has weather challenges, but in my experience it is ideal if you like pristine landscapes all to yourself and enjoy wildlife as well as landscape photography and is far easier than you may think. 

6)  NEW  Studio Botanical and Macro Photography. After many years of running botanical photography workshops and success in recent years in the International Garden Photography of the Year competition I have decided to add a talk on this subject from 2023. 

"Just a note to thank you for your lecture on “ The Camera Lies”, on behalf of our members I would like to say that from the off you had our attention and maintained that throughout your lecture. 
The subjects covered were extremely interesting and the techniques used and explained were inspirational.
Your lecture gave me and other members, techniques explanations and an insight on how to improve our portfolios (but only after a lot of practice)."  Overton Photographic Club Oct 2021. 


Booked Talks and Judging


11th January. Walsall Wood Photographic Society

25th January. Bromsgrove Photographic Society Judging. 

1st February. Worcester Camera Club

2nd February. Leyland Camera Club. ONLINE ZOOM

3rd February. Sale Photographic Society. ONLINE ZOOM

7th February. Crawley Camera Club. ONLINE ZOOM 

17th February. Backwell Camera Club. ONLINE ZOOM

23rd March. Lichfield Camera Club

28th March. Droitwich Camera Club Judging

4th April. King's Lyn Camera Club. ONLINE ZOOM 

6th April. Tamworth Camera Club

12th April. Ludlow Judging. 

5th May. Burton on Trent Photography Club. ONLINE ZOOM 

9th May. Shropshire Photographic Society. 

10th May. Downend Camera Club, Bristol. ONLINE ZOOM.

19th July. Newport Photographic Club

11th August. Judging Stourbridge Photographic Society

1st September. Cannock Photographic Society

16th September. Overton Photography Club. ONLINE ZOOM TALK

4th October. Rushden and District Photographic Society. ONLINE ZOOM TALK

21st October Overton Camera Club. ONLINE ZOOM TALK

8th November. Stafford Camera Club. ONLINE ZOOM TALK

10th November. Invicta Photographic Club. ONLINE ZOOM TALK

24th November. East Grinstead Camera Club. ONLINE ZOOM TALK


23rd January. Zoom Judging Crawley PS.

22nd June. She Clicks Webinar (now published online for She Click subscribers)

4th September. Swansea Camera Club. Online Zoom talk.

4th October. Saint Andrews. Online Zoom Talk. 

30th October. Dundee Photographic Society. Face-to-face talk.

2nd November. Tring and District Camera Club. Zoom talk

6th November. Kidlington Camera Club. Online Zoom talk. 

7th November. Fort William Photographic Society. 

16th November. U3A  afternoon Zoom talk

16th November. Bookham Camera Club. Online Zoom talk.

12th December.  Rushden and District Photography Society. Online Zoom talk. 


12th January. Wrekin Arts Photographic Society. Online Zoom talk.

26th January. Sale Photographic Society. Online Zoom talk.

1st February. Ormskirk Camera Club. Online Zoom talk. 

24th April. Edinburgh Photographic Society. Face-to-face talk. 

9th Sept. Sodbury and Yate Photo Club. Online Zoom talk. 

26th Sept. Backwell Camera Club. Online Zoom talk.

28th November. Cranleigh Camera Club Zoom talk.

2nd December. Guildford Photographic Society Zoom talk. 


10th February. Dundee Photographic Society. Face-to-face talk. 

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